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Photographic Articles
We have searched the internet and found some articles that will help you better understand your equipment, your techniques and your future in the world of photography.
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Google Scholarly Articles Photography Careers 
DigitalPhotBuzz How to Start a Photography Business
FStoppers The Future of Photography as a Business
Resource Magazine 7 Tips to Getting Your Photography Displayed in a Gallery 
Resource Magazine Getting Your Photography Work Stolen: A Cautionary Tale - Resource
Digital Photography School 6 Reasons You Should    Hang Out With Other Photographers
DigitalPhotoBuzz 7 Creative Ways to Make More Money as a Photographer 
DIY How to Become a Wedding Photographer
Fstoppers Eight Questions to Help You Define Your Brand in Photography
Digital Photography School 3 Tips for Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout in Photography
DIY Photography Dear photographers, educate yourself before you start charging
Fstoppers Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career
Fstoppers Dealing With Doubt and Deeper Questions When Pursuing Photography
Fstoppers How to Reach Your Photography Goals in Your Twenties
Digital Photography School 5 Ways to Develop Your Photography Style
Digital Photography School How to Use a Photography Project to Build Your Portfolio
The Phoblographer Three Photographers Give You Tips on How to Sell Prints
Fstoppers The Importance of a Photography Rep and How to Get One
Fstoppers Should You Raise Your Photography Pricing?
Fstoppers Making Money From Photography is Really Hard, But It Can Be Done
PetaPixal What Should You Charge for Your Pro Photography?
Fstoppers Five Ways to Get Paid Without Photographing Portraits
Fstoppers Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?