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Is the Whole Photography Industry About to Change?
Think Twice Before You Post on Social Media
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Careers in Photography: Tom Schierlitz, Editorial Photographer
Careers in Photography: Sarah Meister, Curator at MoMA
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Three Mistakes to Avoid When You First Start Taking on Photo Clients
How to Make a Pro Photo Portfolio
The 5 Worst Types of Photographers

Ten Steps to Becoming a Full-Time Photographer

The Five Types of Photographers That Drive Everyone Crazy
Five Lies About a Being a Professional Photographer
Tips for Starting a Real Estate Photography Business
Nine Tips a Professional Photographer Wishes He Had Known When He Started
Some Very Useful Tips for Making Money as a Photographer
A Humorous Look at Why Photographers Make the Worst Photo Clients
Shoot for Yourself and Your Clients, Not Other Photographers
What Photographers Would Say If They Were Brutally Honest To Clients
Do You Have the Mindset of a Professional Photographer?
What Being a Professional Photographer Is Truly About
Some Useful Steps That Will Help You Become a Successful Photographer
Devaluing Photography With Cheap Prices

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We have searched the internet and found some articles that will help you better understand your equipment, your techniques and your future in the world of photography.
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Photography Careers: Finding Your True Path

Creative Careers in Photography: Making a Living with or Without a Camera 
Careers as a Professional Photographer 
Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer
Careers in Focus
Online Articles 
DigitalPhotoBuzz 7 Creative Ways to Make More Money as a Photographer 
DIY How to Become a Wedding Photographer
Fstoppers Eight Questions to Help You Define Your Brand in Photography
Digital Photography School 3 Tips for Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout in Photography
DIY Photography Dear photographers, educate yourself before you start charging
Fstoppers Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career
Fstoppers Dealing With Doubt and Deeper Questions When Pursuing Photography
Fstoppers How to Reach Your Photography Goals in Your Twenties
Digital Photography School 5 Ways to Develop Your Photography Style
Digital Photography School How to Use a Photography Project to Build Your Portfolio
The Phoblographer Three Photographers Give You Tips on How to Sell Prints
Fstoppers The Importance of a Photography Rep and How to Get One
Fstoppers Should You Raise Your Photography Pricing?
Fstoppers Making Money From Photography is Really Hard, But It Can Be Done
PetaPixal What Should You Charge for Your Pro Photography?
Fstoppers Five Ways to Get Paid Without Photographing Portraits
Fstoppers Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?
Fstoppers Why You Need to Look Outside the Photography Industry to Improve Your Business
Fstoppers Is It Worth Becoming a Professional Photographer? (Video)
Fstoppers Business of Photography: Eight Tips I Wish I Had Known Earlier [Part One]
Fstoppers Stop Trying to Impress Photographers
Fstoppers Myths of a Successful Photographer
Fstoppers: Interview With Photography Mentor Geoff Ang [NSFW]
Fstoppers: What Kind of Photographer Will You Become?
The Phoblographer: Troll Post: Aperture Priority Should Also Be Known as Amateur Priority
Fstoppers: Is Photography a Thankless Job?
Fstoppers: How to Become a Famous Photographer
Fstoppers: Photographing for Advertising Campaigns: An Interview With Clay Cook
Fstoppers: Don't Fixate on the "Professional" Label as a Photographer
Fstoppers: How to Spend Money Wisely as a Photographer
Fstoppers: How a Photographer Continues to Find Himself Through the Camera
Fstoppers: A Cautionary Tale: How a Lack of a Contract Led One Photographer Into a Lawsuit
Fstoppers: Why So Many College Graduates Fail in Photography
Fstoppers: What Are the Traits of Great and Successful Photographers?
Fstoppers: What Being a Professional Photographer Is Truly About
The Phoblographer: Photographer Jeff Rojas is Our Next Guest on Inside the Photographer's Mind
Fstoppers: Rejection Happens to All of Us: Get Used to It to Be a Successful Photographer
The Phoblographer: What The Photographic Printing World Needs to Do to Appeal to a Younger Audience
Fstoppers: The Key to Personal Growth as a Photographer
Business News Daily: Photographers Share What They Love (and Hate) About Their Jobs
Fstoppers: Six Investments To Level-Up Your Commercial Photography Business
Fstoppers: Financial Risks of a Photography Business
Fstoppers: Showing Fewer Styles Will Book You More Photography Jobs
Fstoppers: An Important Principle for Understanding How Much to Charge for Your Photo and Video Work
Fstoppers: Why Networking With Other Photographers Is Important
Fstoppers: Creating Your Own Stock Photography Niche
Fstoppers: How to Make the Jump From Amateur to Professional Photographer
Want to Become a Professional Photographer? Here Are 7 Steps You Need to Take to Go Pro
Shoot for Yourself and Your Clients, Not Other Photographers
Are you a Copycat Photographer?
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