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Photographic Articles
EquipmentWe have searched the internet and found some articles that will help you better understand your equipment, your techniques and your future in the world of photography.
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Google Scholarly Articles on Photographic Equipment 
Digital Trends From enhanced viewfinders to joysticks, 7 splendid camera tech in 2017 
Digital Photography School How to use Off-Camera Flash to Create Dramatic Images with Cross Lighting 
The Phoblographer The Ultimate Wedding Photographer's Gear Guide For 201 
FStoppers You Have Some New Photography Equipment: Why Learning and Using That New Gear Matters by TJ Blenker 
DIY Photography The definitive guide to focal length, perspective, and why 'zooming with your feet' is nonsense
Digital Photography School 4 Great Pieces of Camera Equipment to Help You Get Creative 
The Phoblographer The Complete Guide to Manual Settings on Your DSLR Camera
UltraLinx 24 Times Long Exposures Resulted In Some Amazing Photography
PetaPixel Shooting a Rolleiflex with Studio Flash and Rolleinars
Digital Photography School How to do Tilt-Shift Style Photography with the Lensbaby Edge 50
Fstoppers How to Use Bounce Flash With Four Unique Light Modifier
Digital Photography School 8 Tips for Rocking the Photography Equipment You Currently own Versus Buying New Gear
Fstoppers Camera Gear I Couldn't Live Without
Shutterbug Gear Advice: The 5 Best Super-Telephoto Lenses for Wildlife Photography
How To Buy Lenses The Online Photographer
Engadget How to buy a camera in 2018
The Phoblographer 50mm or 35mm Lenses: Which Should You Choose
Shutterbug The 3 Best Lenses for Landscape Photography
Digital Photography School 8 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can Do With a High-Speed Camera Trigger
Shutterbug Understanding Focus Stacking and How to Use It for Maximum Depth of Field
Popular Science A normal person's guide to buying an old film camera
Shutterbug High ISO vs. Slow Shutter Speed: What Works Best for Low-Light Photography Without Flash?
Digital Photography School Working with Different Focal Lengths for Macro Photography
Digital Photography School How to Understand Your Camera's Exposure Compensation Feature
The Phoblographer This Short Documentary Tells Why Film Photography is Still Alive
PetaPixel The Science of Exposure and Metering: Light's Pathway from Scene to Sensor
Digital Photography School How to Choose the Best Portrait Lens According to Three Professional Photographers
Fstoppers The Best Place to Shop for Photo Gear Is Closer Than You Think