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Online Videos
10 Pro Tricks for Better Outdoor Portrait Photos
Digital Photography School: Tips for Portrait Photography in Overcast Weather
Awesome Portrait Photography
creative photography - portrait tutorial
YouTube Channel
8 Tips Every Photographer Should Know
Outdoor Portrait Photography Tutorial: Natural Light Portraiture Sunny Day
9 Tips to Better Portraits
Changing Aperture for Better Portraits
Peter Hurley Perfect Headshots
Camera Setting For Portrait Photography
Manual Mode to Shoot Portraits
Portrait Photography Tutorial with Bert Stephani
Mastering Portrait Lighting with Tony Corbell
Five Lighting Patterns That Every Photographer Should Know
Why Shooting Distance Matters in Portrait Photography
Must-Have Photography Equipment for Your Studio
Building Your Own Photo Backdrop Wall
How to Use Leading Lines in Portrait Photography
 6 Professional Posing Tips to Make Anyone Look Good in a Photo
Learn These Three Lighting Setups for Headshot Photography
 How to Get Rid of Distracting Background Shadows in Portrait Photography
Shutterbug: Portrait Photography Tips: The Pros and Cons of Using Window Light vs Flash

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PortraitsWe have searched the internet and found some articles that will help you better understand your equipment, your techniques and your future in the world of photography.
Equipment Articles
The Phoblographer How to Achieve Multiple Portrait Lighting Effects With One Flash Unit
The Phoblographer Using Strobes to Enhance the Sun in Portraiture
The Phoblographer: How Does Medium Format Digital Do vs Medium Format Film for Portraits?
Digital Photography School My Portrait Gear Essentials
5 Pieces of Gear an Aspiring Portrait Photographer Needs and Why
Monster Children Magazine: 6 Tips for Shooting Portraits, with Photographer Chris Orwig
Photographyconcentrate Portrait-and Wedding Photographers Tool Kit
The Phoblographer: The Key to Powerful Portrait Photography is Catchlight in the Eyes
Senior Portrait Tips: Choosing the Right Gear
Fstoppers: Just How Useless Is Exposure Compensation?
Fstoppers: Breaking Portrait Photography Rules With Wide-Angle Portraits
When To Use Standard Flash Versus High-Speed Sync
The Phoblographer: 5 Pieces of Gear that an Aspiring Portrait Photographer Needs (And Why)
The Phoblographer: Natural Light vs Off Camera Flash for Outdoor Portrait Photography
Fstoppers: The No Forced Smile Approach to Special Needs Photography
Fstoppers: Portrait Photographer Surprised to Discover His Lens Has Apertures Other Than f/1.4
Online Books
The Perfect Portrait Guide: How to Photograph People
The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography
Doug Box's Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers
Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and ...
The Sandy Puc' Guide to Children's Portrait Photography
General Tips and Advice Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Portrait Photography 
Fstoppers: An Affordable Lighting Trick for Portrait Photography
Digital Photography School Tips for Planning and Capturing a Creative Portrait 
DIY Photography 7 common studio portrait lighting mistakes and how you can avoid them 
DIY Photography Nine tips for raising your portrait photography to ninja level 
The Phoblographer: Portrait Photographers: Here's an Easy Trick for Posing ANYONE
The Phoblographer: The Beginner's Guide To Shooting Street Portraits
Digital Photography School: How to Photograph Children Under Five with Little to No Meltdowns
The Phoblographer: Portrait Photography Tutorial: How to Do a Hero Shot in a Few Simple Steps
Digital Photography School Weekly Photography Challenge Backlighting  
Digital Photography 12 Best Portrait Photography Articles for  2015
Digital Photography School 18 of the Most Popular Portrait Articles on dPS in 2016 
Lens Culture Fleeting Truths: Thoughts of Portrait Photography 
National Geographic People and Portrait Photography Tips 
The Photo Argus  10 Great Articles on Self-Portrait Photography
Photography Life Portrait Tips 
DIY Photography Photographer Spotlight: Q&A With Willie Dalton  
Digital Photography School Simple Tips for Positioning Your Portrait Subject to Leverage Natural Light
PetaPixel How to Photoshop Portraits in the Style of Pam Dave Zaring's Family Photos
Digital Photography School Portrait Posing Tips
Digital Photography School Weekly Photography Challenge - Headshots
Digital Photography School How to Make a Dramatic Portrait with Light Painting Using Items Found in Your Home
The Phoblographer How to Get Stunning Low Key Portraits with One Light Source
The Phoblographer The Five Basic Portrait Lighting Setups Every Photographer Should Know
The Photobrapher Tutorial: How to Shoot Portraits of Total Strangers
Digital Photography School How to Choose the Best Portrait Lens According to Three Professional Photographers
PetaPixel 17 Lighting Recipes to Remember for Portrait Photos
PetaPixel The 10 Commandments of Portrait Photography
PetaPixel How to Do Corporate Headshot Photography
Fstoppers Five Ways to Use the Sunrise for Photography of People
Fstoppers: Why the Best Portrait Photographers Have Great Empathy Skills
PetaPixel: Shoot Light-Painting Photos During the Day Using an ND Filter
TechRepublic: Beginner photographers: Improve your composition with these lighting tips
PetaPixel: 5 Portrait Composition Ideas (Not Rules)
The Phoblographer: Useful Photography Tip #186: Make a Portrait Subject Smile; Don't Ask Them To
Fstoppers: Tips and Techniques for Photographing a Plus-Size Model
Fstoppers: Street Photographer and Fashion Photographer Show the Future of Collaboration
PetaPixel: How Still Life Came to the World of Photography
Fstoppers: Easy Ways to Use Backlighting in Studio Photography
Fstoppers: The No Forced Smile Approach to Special Needs Photography
TechPP: How to get Portrait Mode on Older iPhones?
The Phoblographer: Michael Muller Shows How Lighting Will Change Your Portrait Photography
PetaPixel: Subject Isolation: Finding Innovative Ways to Draw Attention to Subjects
PetaPixel: How to Shoot an 'Impossible' 1400MP 14mm f/0.2 Portrait
Digital Photography School: The One Skill That Will Help You Become a Better Portrait Photographer
Monster Children Magazine: 6 Tips for Shooting Portraits, with Photographer Chris Orwig
PetaPixel: Tips for Getting Kids to Smile Naturally in Photos: 10 Secrets From a Pro
Monster Children Magazine: 6 Tips for Shooting Portraits, with Photographer Chris Orwig
SLR Lounge: The Three Biggest Reasons Portrait & Wedding Photographers Should Switch to Mirrorless (Eventually)
Digital Photography School: 10 Key Tools for Editing Portraits Using Adobe Lightroom Mobil
The Phoblographer: Portrait Photography Tip: How to Make Your Model Feel Less Awkward
Digital Photography School: Expand Your Creativity by Taking Self-Portraits
Digital Photography School: Senior Photo Tips for Better Senior Photography
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