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Creative Play Getting a Job in the Creative Industries
Don't Give Up: Finding the Right Career Path in Art
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Artist Jobs
Working in the Arts can be both challenging and rewarding. You can either work on your own for commissions and sales or you can work for a business and create works of art to be sold by others or for corporate use. The course you take is up to you and your desires for independence and creativity.
Art/Music Department The Arts Career Center  Vocational 
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Little Known Facts: 
"Job opportunities are growing. There are currently over 1.9 million people working in the creative industries. Read More at the Guardian
" According to a study  by Arts Council about 41% of workers in the creative industry are self-employed" Read More at Career Addict
"1.25 million Americans work in the visual arts" Read More at Kubacki's Art Rats 
Online Books
The Art of Teaching Music
On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity
Go for It: Surviving the Challenges of Becoming an Artist
Inspired to Dance: Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a professional Dancer...
Experiencing Dance: From Student to Dance Artist
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Teacher Vision-Music Arts Alive-Music Carnegie Hall-Music
Teacher Vision-Art Art History Teaching The Art of Education- Fine Art
Teach-Career Info National Art Education Association
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Artist Network-Art Career in Art Career Resource Tips-Art
Music Biz Academy The Balance-Music SmartMusic-Career in Music
Back Stage-Dance Article City-Dance Art Career Project-Dance
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