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My Children Say They Have No Homework!

Recently we received an email from a concerned parent about her children not having homework. I thought you would like to read our response.

Thank you for contacting The Classroom. It is refreshing to know that there is a concerned parent. The ultimate responsibility for any child's education lies, not in the hands of our educational system, but in the hands of the parents. Children will often use the excuse of saying they have no homework to avoid doing it.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Make an appointment with the teacher and discuss your concerns. If the teacher says that he/she does give homework, develop a communication system. You can use a small note pad that the teacher signs and explains the assignments. You also sign the page and discuss the assignment with your child.
2. If the teacher doesn't give homework, make an appointment with the principal. Ask about county policies on  homework. Explain your feelings and ask him or her to talk to the teacher.
3. If there are no school policies on homework take the initiative and develop your own assignments.

Here are some suggestions for your homework:

1. Review what you child is studying, then ask your child questions. If your child doesn't know the answers, discuss it with them.
2. Write simple study questions. If they don't know the answers discuss it with them.
3. Go to local school supply stores, home school center and order supplemental workbooks. Use the answer keys to check the answers. If their answers are wrong have them go back and find the right answers. Give them simple rewards when they get all the answers correct. I must stress that your rewards be non monetary, it could be as simple as praise or a hug!

I feel if you take charge of your children's education, you will find that their grades will improve, you will feel better and you all will learn something.

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