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Light Pollution
Light PollutionPollution: is a world wide problem in which the air, land and water are contaminated with human waste and byproducts.
Light Pollution: The excessive use of artificial lights in urban areas that disrupt the natural cycles of plants and animals.
Pollution Geography Science Earth Science Chemistry Soil Pollutin
Pollution Geography Science Earth Science Chemistry Glossary
Little Known Facts:
"Light pollution disrupts ecosystems and disrupts food web, making it especially difficult for nocturnal animals and insects. Since light pollution causes screening of the celestial compass, it disrupts the navigating capabilities of them." Read More at Mensxp
"The sky glow of Los Angeles is visible from an airplane 200 miles away". Read More At Dark Sky
" Exposure to Artificial Light at night puts your health at risk." Read More at Astronomers Without Borders
Causes/Effects Solutions Laws
Conserve Energy Mother Nature Network National Conference of State Legislatures
NIH NCBI Conserve Energy Network University of Illinois in Urbana
Scientopia Everything Connects Dark Skies Aware Examples of Laws
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Online Resources
Wikipedia Dark Skies Awareness National Park Service O Radiant O Starry Night
NASA Advance Sciences International Dark Sky Association
Phys org Scientific American The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness
Space Sky and Telescope HowStuffWorks How Light Pollution Works