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Social Studies
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Refugees Documentaries
UNHCR- Who is a refugee?
Centers for Disease Control
Pew Research Center
Migration Policy Institute
US Dept of State

Articles, Videos and Books
Refugees ArticlesThe movement of people from one country, continent or city to another country, continent or city. Many times this movement is the result of war, famine, political strife, or climate change. Refugees can cause political, economic and social problems to both the hosting country as well as the country they are fleeing.
Immigration Ethnic Diversity Civil Rights Terrorism Refugees
Immigration Diversity Civil Rights Terrorism Refugees
Online Books
The Economic Life of Refugees By Karen Jacobsen
Refugees in an Age of Genocide: Global, National and Local
Perspectives by Katharine Knox, Toney Kushner
Refugees by Steven Maddock
Refugees: A challenge for Least Developed Countries edited by Barry Leonard
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Refugees
Oxford Academy Articles on Refugees
Forced Migration and Refugees Studies
National Institute of Health Fresh eyes on the European refugee crisis
University of Oxford Refugee Studies Center
Oxford LibGuide Refugee and Forced Migration Studies: Journals
The 10 Best Articles on Refugees and Migration 21/2016
United Nations Research Guide Refugee and Asylum Seekers
National Institute of Health Refugee Health Needs
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