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Library Resources
Library: A building or room which contains reference materials, books, periodicals, computers for the public to access.
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1. Get a library card and don't be afraid to use it.
2. Using the internet is a great source of information, however nothing matches the hands-on experience of both primary and secondary resources.
3. Learn to use the card catalog. It will lead you to sources you might not have thought about.
4. Respect the intellectual atmosphere of a library.
4. If you are curious and want answers to questions, the library is a great place to explore.
5. Get to know the librarians, they are a great source of information and expertise.
6. Be careful in handling library materials.
7. Let the librarians know if you see others abusing the library.
8. Don't plagiarize the materials you find. Use them as a source to developed your own reports, ideas and essays.
9. Don't let others write your essays or reports for you, online or in person. If you have a online company that does this please don't contact us for inclusion.
10. You will find the library has tremendous resources such as the internet, movies, documentaries, music CDs, newspapers, magazines, original source materials, specialized reading materials and of course an abundance of books.