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LibraryReference: the part of a library that contains computers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, gazetteers and other materials with general information.
Reference Ask a Librarian Atlas Gazetteers Search Engines
Library Ask a Librarian Research Atlases Gazetteers Search Engines
Online Books
Free EBooks Refdesk Libraries and Reference Materials
Bibliomania Bartleby Reference and Instructional
Guide to Reference Materials Services for Information Literacy Skills in ...
Reference Desk
RefDesk iTools Teacher Tap Internet Archives Library of Congress
Encyclopedias Almanacs Translators Spell Checkers Dictionary/Thesaurus
Wikipedia Fact Monster BabelFish One Look
Factmonster RefSeek Google JSpell
Encyclopedia Farmer's Almanac Revers Merriam-Webster
Grammar Fact Checker Online Resources    
Grammar Check PolitiFacts Brown University
Reverso Snopes Library Spot Refdesk Research Skills
Grammar Base FactCheck IPL2 InfoPlease Online Articles