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PhotographyBelow are videos tutorials tips, advice and information on how to restore old images and make your photos even better. A great deal of the information revolves around Adobe's software, since it is considered the state of the art in the restoration field. We are not associated with Adobe in anyway. If you know of any sites or videos involving other software, please Contact Us.
Art Photography Tips Photographic Eduaiton Videos Photography Glossary
Art Photography Tips Education Videos Articles
Printshop-Tutorials-2.0 Tools and Manual
Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial from Novic to Expert
VanDelay Designs 45 Photoshop Editing Tutorials
Adobe Elements
Adobe Photoshop tutorial - old photo restoration part 1
YouTube Old Photo Restoration
Retouch Pro Repairing Damaged Photos
Adobe Tutorials Photo Restoration Tips and Tricks
Tyler Jordan How To Get Started with Photoshop CC  
Restore an Old Photo Beginners-Getting Up and Running in No Time
Photo Shop CC-10 Things Beginners Want to Know
The Top 15 Features Every Photographers Should Know

PetaPixel How to Dodge and Burn to Retouch Skin in Photoshop

Tools Videos 
Webopedia-Overview of Adobe Tools 
Layers  Blur   Smudge  Healing Brush Patch
Lasso  Eraser Marque  Clone Stamp  
Burn  Dodge   Sharpen  Eye Dropper 
Sponge  Zoom  Text  Magic Wand-Quick 
Cropping  Move  Pen  I  Pen II 
Airbrush  History  Basic Tutorial General Tutorials
Videos Restoration Enhancement 
Curves  Levels Histograms 
Curves II  Brightness Contrast 
Curves III  Black and White Conversion 
Exposure Selectively Colorize an Image I 
Levels  Selectively Colorize an Image II 
Sepia Effect  Toning & Burning 
Photoshop Mama's Basic Corrections  1 
Photoshop Mama's Basic Corrections II 
Videos Restoration Filters 
Filter Gallery  Photo Filters in Photoshop 
Liquefy  Vanishing Points 
Smart Filters  Filters and Blending Modes 
Gaussian Blur  Sharpening
Sepia  Photoshop Filters CS2  
Photoshop: Using Distort Filters
How to Use Adobe Photoshop Filters with Pet Photographs 
General What is New in Adobe Videos
Content Aware 5 Top New Features
Patch Match Composing-Selecting Hair
Painting Layer Styles  Preferences
3D Text CS6 Tutorial Pt 1
Puppet Warp CS6 Tutorial Pt2
Elements Tutorial Getting Started With CS6
Elements New Effects Elements Premier Tutorial
Elements Getting Started Elements Expert Tutorial
Elements Guided Edits PhotoShop CC for Beginners
PhotoShop CC Tutorial PhotoShopvCC Tips and Tricks
Photoshop CC Channel How to Get Started with CC
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