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How to Play American Football : Holding the Ball: Throwing Fundamentals for Football Beginners

 “Football Is an honest game. It's true to life . It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.
Joe Namath

Coaching for Continuous Improvement 

With the start of the new football season, coaches need to plan their practice plans, schedules and coaching philosophies in order to get the best out of their players each and every day. To develop and become great, players must do their best and give their all to improve day by day.

 Football coaching requires the monitoring of players on a daily basis, be it through a grading system or a graph display system, in order to see if they are continuing to improve each and every day. Players must maintain their improvement levels and once they begin to drop, it is the responsibility of the coach to notice and take action, be it dropping that player or changing something in your method of coaching that particular player. 

The players themselves must endeavor to improve their performance each day by listening intently to the coaching and applying what they’ve learned. As footballers, your players must be dedicated to the game and focus on every detail of the sports fundamentals. Players must learn and execute each and every aspect of the game and be able to replicate what they’ve learned in practice on the field. Finally, they must be determined to succeed and learn on a daily basis to become as good as they can be. 

This rule is also true for coaches who cannot afford to get complacent within the job and maintain the focus of explaining and demonstrating drills to players and then getting them to practice and repeat them whilst correcting and praising them accordingly. This system must be repeated in each session in order to teach players the fundamentals of football at a pace that will benefit the players giving them the help they need to improve continuously. 

Keep focusing on getting the best out of your players when teaching the fundamentals through drills. Do not do drills just for the sake of doing them, make sure your plan is clear and that the drills are of use to the players learning. 

It is a necessity to monitor both your player’s improvement levels on a daily basis and your own development as a coach. If you encounter problems, look at what steps need to be taken to improve player’s performances and you could improve areas such as drills, motivation or focus levels.