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Political Articles and Books
PoliticsThe process by which organization and individuals via for control of a government. Politics can include the buying and selling of votes, the influence of interest groups in creating laws and policy, the meeting of constituents by politicians, the interaction between politicians, the debate between the parties over the direction and course of the country.
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Government Instability Ethics Voting Cartoons Lobbyist Financing Politics
Online Books

A History of Politics

By E.Jenks

Buzzle Government and Politics Articles

Talking Politics

By W.A. Gamson

American Politics & Society

By D. McKay

Politics: An Introduction to the Modern Democratic State

By Larry Johnston

Aristotle's Politics: Critical Essays

By Richard Kraut, Steven Skultety
Aristotle-Politics written 350 BC Translated by Benjamin Jowett Presents: Building Beliefs - How We Form Our Political Views
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles and Books
Politics Among Nations The Struggle For Power and Peace
Social Theory and the Politics of Identity
Politics, parties, and pressure groups Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations [1955]
Governance, Politics and the State
Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: The Logic of Two-Level Games
Aristotle-Politics written 350 BC Translated by Benjamin Jowett

Politics: An Introduction to the Modern Democratic State

By Larry Johnston
Increasing Returns, Path Dependence and the Study of Politics
How Politics Breaks our Brains by Brian Resnick The Atlantic
 Fixing What’s Wrong with U.S. Politics Harvard Business Review
Sites that Deal With Current Articles on Politics
SAGE Journals RealClear Politics Los Angeles Times
Longform Politics The Electric Typwriter Economist World Politics
Slate Rolling Stone Magazine Wikipedia List of Political Articles
HuffPost Princeton University Un. Michigan Library Research