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YouTube-How to Write a Thank you Note
Interview Thank You Note - Best Practices
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Job Skills Tool Box Thank You Note
GuidanceThank You Note: a letter expressing an appreciation for a job interview. Good manners and appreciation will always payoff in the long run. Someday you might have to interact with the HR person again and you want to always leave a good impression.
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Advice and Tips
1. Keep it simple no more than one page. Most human resource personal don't have the time or energy to review long drawn out letters.
2. You are not writing an award winning novel. Avoid hyperbole and exaggerations, experienced interviewers can see through such tactics.
3. Give a positive impression by correcting typos and grammatical errors.
4. Leave the recipient with the rightful impression that you were pleased with the time, energy and consideration he or she gave you. Customize the note to what was said, shown and discussed. 
5. Send it in a timely manner and in a method appropriate to the recipient. The most effective method is a hand written note, that is readable, neat and appropriate. If you really want this particular job take the additional effort to impress everyone involved.