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Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
Frontline-Immigration Battle
Immigration Then and Now
Scholastic History of Immigration
Immigration Through Ellis Island - Award Winning Documentary Video Film
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Immigration in Modern America

Immigration: The process by which individuals enter a country to live and work.
Little Known Facts
"The immigration process allows priority to foreign nationals who have a close family relationship with a US citizen or LPR, have needed work skills, have refugee or asylee status, or are native of countries with low immigration rates to the US." Read More DoSomething
"114 bills were enacted by legislatures within the first six months of 2012 that deal with undocumented immigrants, refugees, legal immigrants and seasonal workers". Read More InfoPlease
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American History Modern USA World History Ethnic Diversity Immigration
Online Books

A Companion to American Immigration

edited by Reed Ueda

Immigrant America: A Portrait

 by Alejandro Portes, Rubén G. Rumbaut

The Economic Consequences of Immigration into the United States

Immigration and American Popular Culture: An Introduction

by Rachel Lee Rubin, Jeffrey Melnick
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