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Parent Homework Guide

ParentsParent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child.
Homework can be frustrating and most students don't want to do the assignments, since it would cut into their social and internet activities. Encourage them to do their work and help them if they need it, but don't do it for them!
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Set up a consistent time for work to be done and completed.
Make sure that distractions such as TVs, radios,  phones, game consoles etc. are removed or disabled from the study area.  You would be surprised how many students will start the work but switch it to a game or movie when you are out of the room. You might even consider a computer that can only receive educational materials and all other entertainment sites are blocked.
Check periodically to see that they are on task.
Keep a positive attitude while they are working (never degrade them or the teacher).
Help them only when he or she indicates they need help.
Ask them what the teacher said and did so you know the intent of the homework.
Don't linger while they are working, they need to learn independence.
If you feel the work is too hard or not on topic, contact the teacher and express your concerns in a positive way. If you are still concerned about his/her progress, achievements or attitude call for a conference. with guidance and the admistration
Set up a check list of the assignments. As they finish each assignment mark through it and have them work on the next item. Give them a reward when the check list is completed.
Never pay for someone to do the work for them!