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Elementary School Art

Elementary School Art and Music

TeachersMusic: a form of art in which the artist uses instrumental or oral  sounds (sometimes in combination) to express emotions, feelings, a story or harmony. This is the preferred medium of singers, dancers, bands and orchestras.
Art: Creating something that expresses feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and enjoyment using multiple mediums such as paint, pencil, ink, music, photography and computer graphics.
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Online Books-Art

Art Teaching: Elementary Through Middle School

By George Szekely, Julie Alsip Bucknam 

Art Is Fundamental: Teaching the Elements and Principles of Art in ...

By Eileen S. Prince 

Teaching Art with Books Kids Love (Large Print 16pt)

By Darcie Clark Frohardt 

Art Lesson Handbook: A Guide for Teaching Art in the Classroom and for Home ...

By Violet Working, Russell Working 

Hands-On Art Activities for the Elementary Classroom: Seasonal, Holiday, and ...

By Jude Cataldo 
Online Books-Music 

Kodaly Today: A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education

By Micheal Houlahan, Philip Tacka 

Teaching Music to Children: A Curriculum Guide for Teachers Without Music Training

By Blair Bielawski 

A Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music

By Ann C. Clements, Rita Klinger 

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Teaching Music on Your Own

By Karen Berger 

Beware the Music Teacher!: And Other Super Songs for Elementary Music Classes

By Mark Burrows 
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