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Reserve Officer Training Corps
A part of the curriculum designed for students who seek a military career.  
Academies War Peace Department of Defense
Academy War Peace Dept of Defense
Online Books
Cliffs Test Prep Officer Candidate Tests by Fred N Grayson
Army 101 inside ROTC in a Time of War by David Axe
Barron's Officer Candidate School Test by Rod Powers
Complete United States Infantry Guide for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers
Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps: Contributions to America's Communities By W. J. Taylor, CSIS Political-Military Studies Project on the JROTC.  
Genealogy Military Weapons and Equipment
Online Resources  
Wikipedia Cyndi's List Armies of the World Top Notch Military Websites... Military Pay Today's Military Military Edu. Research Library Network
Findlaw Air University Joint Chiefs of Staff Military and Veteran's Benefits
Military Law Legal Info. Institute Defense Department Veteran's Administration
Best Colleges Military Law Review Intern. Society Military Law National Archives Databases
Training Manuals  
Army Global Security Naval Training USMC Manuals GoArmy Manual
Free Military Steve's Manuals Army Field Manual Air Force-Tactical MilitaryNewbe
ASAB Resources  
Official ASVAB Site ABC of ASVAB Description The Balance Guide to ASVAB
Study Guide Zone Test Prep Review ASVAB Practice Questions