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Video Maker
How to Write & Produce a Documentary : Indy News
10 Tips for kids who want to be a film maker
Top !5 Mistakes Beginner Film Makers Make

Art Department

Video Making and Production
Video Making and Production: a field of study in making films and videos.
Media Television Production Film Glossary
Media Broadcasting Films Glossary
Online Books
The Video Maker Guide to Video Production By Videomaker
Video Production Techniques: Theory and Practice from Concept to Screen by Donal Difenbach
Making Videos for Money: Planning and Producing Information Videos,,, By Barry Hampe
Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video By Peter Rea and David K Irving
Introduction to Video Production: Studio, Field and Beyond by Ronald Compesi, Jaime Gomez
Online Video Tips
WordStream 7 Quick Production Tips  Film & Video Professionals
YouTube Video Maker Tips and Tricks
WatchLearnKnow Alastair Humphreys 10 Tips For Post Video Production
Video101 10 Video Lessons I Learned the Hard way
Video Camera Top Fifteen Mistakes Beginner Film Makers Make
Filmmaking 101: Training for Scriptwriting, Camera, Shooting, Lighting and Video Post Production
Professional Camera Techniques - Video Production Tips &Tricks - In Focus Studios Webisode
Tips for beginners BEST Filmmaking TRICKS - mistakes, lighting, Camera angles, DSLR
Resources e2Management Detonation Films  
Wikipedia Video Maker Video in the  
Kids' Video Ezinarticle Camera Time  
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