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Inspired Art Photogaphy

Sandy ArroyoSandy Arroyo is an award winning retired photographer, educator and web master.
A professional photographer for over 20 years he: taught photography, recorded weddings covered political figures, corporate events, natural scenery as well as portraits in both the United States and Europe. His work was published in magazines, newspapers and in advertising. An artist by temperament, his work reflected this perspective. Photography is an expression of his life and his creativity. Professionals as well as amateur photographers seek out his advice. You can see a sample of his work at the
Gallery. He also created one of the oldest and most comprehensive educational websites called The Classroom.
Some graphics reproduced using Print Shop Deluxe, Broderbund Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved used by permission. The Classroom does not claim all descriptions of sites to be their own words. The Classroom  makes no promises or representations about the gadgets on this site as to quality. content or  performance