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PhotographyPhotographic equipment breakdown for many reasons. Sometimes the manufacturers are at fault, sometimes parts wear out, the owner can also fail to take the proper steps to insure that the equipment is wall maintained or protected. For what ever reason you are experiencing this situation, a remedy can be costly and time consuming. Hear are some tips:
1. Check the equipment immediately after you buy it. If it does not work properly return it!
2. Always maintain the integrity of the equipment. They are in most cases very sensitive and are not toys.
3. If it is not working properly take it to a qualified repairman who is trained, certified and experienced.
4. Check out the equipment when you get home to insure that the work was done properly. If not take it back.
5. Be mindful that sometimes it is advantageous to buy new equipment rather that pay a high cost of repair.
6. Some parts must be shipped in from Japan or China so expect some delays.
7. Shop around not all repair technicians are equal in price or quality.
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