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Internet Safety Articles and Books
Being safe while surfing the internet.
The internet has brought a whole new world to the area of safety. Criminals, stalkers, scam artist, bullies, terrorist and others who want to do us harm are using the internet in ever increasing ways to reach our kids, steal our resources and invade our privacy. Contact the crimes to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) if you see or have problems with ransomware, malware or viruses.
Security Internet Email Forwarding
Internet Safety Security Internet Email
Crime Internet Hoaxes Videos Bullying
Crime Internet Scams/ Hoaxes Videos Cyberbullying
Online Books
Blogging in the Classroom Internet Safety Family Guide
Internet Safety Parents Guide Internet Safety Kids Guide
Internet Safety Young Readers Guide
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Google Scholarly Articles
Wikibuys Parents' guide to online shopping safety for Grade Book

Women Breaking Barriers in Cybersecurity

Chicago Tribune In the News Internet Safety
Common Sense Internet Safety
3 Things you can do to ensure internet safety for kids!
Internet Safety Gone Wild? Sacrificing the Educational and Psychosocial Benefits of Online Social Environments
Center for Parenting Education Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace
Online Education Masters in Cyber Security Programs
Kid Power How to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet
TOP 10 VPN The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Child’s Safety Online in 2018
Piper's Place Internet Safety: Keeping Your Computer Safe on the Internet
A Safety Net for the Internet: A Parent's Guide / Policy on Public Use of the Internet
NJ State Library Internet Safety and Computer Use Policy
Privacy Net: How to Stop ISPs, advertisers, and hackers gathering information about your child.
Earnest Owl's  Parent & Teacher Guide to the Internet.
Alex Smith A Guide To Protecting Children's Privacy Online