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Runners Tribe
Track & Field Training : How to Do Running Drills to Increase Speed & Efficiency
The 'Running' Phase of Running

Track and Field
SportsTrack and Field: an individual and team sport that stress sped, strength and endurance in running, jumping and throwing of disks, javelins and shot.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Online Books

Track and Field

By Clive Gifford

Fundamentals of Track and Field

By Gerald A. Carr

Coaching Track & Field Successfully

By Mark Guthrie

Getting Started in Track and Field Athletics: Advice & Ideas for Children ...

By Gary Barber

American Men of Olympic Track and Field: Interviews with Athletes and Coaches

By Don Holst, Marcia S. Popp

American Women's Track and Field: A History, 1895 Through 1980, Volume 1

By Louise Mead Tricard
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