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Civil Rights
A Timeline
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LGBT Rights

Little Known Facts
List of LGBT Statistics Case Western Un. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health CDC
Gay Population Statistics 82 Interesting Facts About LGBT Random History
Online Books
Gay Rights and American Law  
The Politics of Gay Rights Gay Rights By Tricia Andryszewski
Gay Rights and the Ballot Box Morality of Gay Rights an Exploration in Political Philosophy
Gay Rights on Trial: A Reference Handbook The Gay Rights Question in Contemporary American Law
Resources   Same Sex Marriage Forms of Homosexuality
Wikipedia Exploring Constitutional Conflicts Pew Research BANAP
ACLU The Leadership Conference ProCon Wikipedia
AllPsy Gay History & Literature FindLaw Slate
Out Of The Past  Human Rights Watch Wikipedia APA
Pro-Con-Born Gay Pro-Con-Marriage NCSL Huffington Post Gay Voices
How the Civil Rights Movement Launched the Fight for LGBT, Women Equality | Video | PBS
Google Scholarly Articles and EBooks
Debate Laws Politics Religion Marriage Military  
Google Case Laws
Debate Laws Politics Religion Marriage Military