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Teaching Tips
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The Classroom

Substitute Teacher Proposal

TeachersSubstitute: an individual hired by a school system to replace a teacher for a very short period of time.
Recommendations from The Classroom on Substitute Teachers in all states.
1. No person should be a substitute teacher unless they have passed a security background check by county, state and federal security personal.
2. Substitute teachers should be paid according to the degree and years of experience. Give substitutes raises when all the other employees are given raises.
3. Hiring priorities need to be according to an individualís degrees or certification.  School systems are looking for warm bodies to fill the classroom. Often the substitutes give wrong or erroneous information.  In the medical profession only a certified professionals are allowed to handle a patient. Should the education field have a lower standard?
4. Unless certified in the field no substitute should be allowed to give lectures, administer tests or act in the same capacity as a teacher. 

5. Unless certified in the field no substitute should be allowed to replace a teacher for extended periods of time.  

6. Substitutes should be given three or four days of instruction by a professional on a teacherí rights, responsibilities, methods and state, county municipal procedures.
7. Substitutes need to have liability and workmanís compensation insurance.
8. Substitutes need to have access to automatic deposit, credit union, in-service programs and all other services offered by the state, county and municipal employees.
9. Substitutes need to be backed for discipline problems equal to that of the teacher.
10. If a substitute is called in for an assignment or consultation, he or she needs to be paid for his or her time.
11. A uniform system of contacting substitutes needs to be established. Hours need to be set and standards need to be made on who and when he or she will be called.
12. A substitute must be allowed to turn down a position without recrimination.
13. A set of standards of evaluation needs to be established so that a sub can understand their strengths and weaknesses.
14.Teachers and students need to be instructed on the proper respect, treatment and methods of handling a sub.
15. A cadre of either retired or part time teacherís needs to be established to fill in the teacherís position when he or she is incapable of fulfilling his or her duties.