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Administration Tips For Substitute

AdministrationSubstitute: an individual hired by a school system to replace a teacher for a very short period of time.
Teacher's Lounge
1. Support the substitute, in a task that can and will have many challenges. If they do something you disagree with, talk to them in private away from the students or other teachers.
2. Try to match the interests, expertise and abilities of the substitute.
3. Remember the substitute, especially an experience one, are uneasy and unsure of what is expected of them.
4. Meet with each new substitute and assure them of your support and what is expected of them.
5. Never undercut their authority. Once students realize that a substitute has no authority or backing they will by their nature create a bad situation for the substitute.
6. Require that all teachers have a detailed relevent lesson plan for a substitute.
7. Require that all teachers count the work issued by the teacher.
8. Have on hand emergency lesson plans in case a teacher is suddenly absent.
9. Lobby with the school system to hire individuals that are screened for security, ability and expertise.
10. If a temporary job opens, place an individual in the position that is qualified for the job.
11. Substitutes should not be considered as a babysitter or place holder. Make them part of the educational product.
12. Remember you are also evaluated by the Union, Parents, Teachers and the community.