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Student Tips For Substitute

StudentsSubstitute: an individual hired by a school system to replace a teacher for a very short period of time.
Teacher's Lounge
1. Remember the substitute is an adult and should be respected, just as one would respect any adult.
2. Don't give the substitute a hard time, they are trying to do a job that can be difficult.
3. Save any questions about the subject matter since in many cases the substitute does not have an expertise in the subject matter.
4. If you are asked to perform a task that is inapproriate let the substitute know your feelings and report the incident to the administration, another teacher and your parents.
5. Continue obeying the rules established by your teacher. A bad report to your teacher could result in a referral, a letter or call to your parents and a lowering of your conduct evaluation.
6. Remember the substitute is an outsider and your conduct will reflect on your school, your teacher and your fellow students. Have pride in your school!
7. Do the assigned work! Just because there is a substitute you must complete the work. In many cases the teacher will make the assignment part of your grade.