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How Floods Work
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GeographyFlood: a sudden increase in the amount of water in a particular area. Often this is caused by an abundance of rainfall. With the advent of climate change more and more areas of the Earth are facing increase areas in which floods are becoming more common and more severe.
1. "Depending on their type, floods can develop very slowly over time after extensive rains or in just a few minutes, very quickly, without any sign of rain."
2. "There are many types and ways floods can occur, including, due to overflowing rivers, due to extreme coastal events, by natural or artificial ground saturation from excess rainfall, or by catastrophic failure in infrastructure." Read More at Weather Facts
Geography Weather Climate Forcasting Disaster Earth Science
Geography Weather Climate Forecasting Disasters Earth Science
Online Books  
Floods- By Jean Allen Dangerous Weather  by M. Allaby
Floods in Action by  C Oxlade Floods- By Michele Ingber Drohan
Floods and Farmers: Politics, Economics and Environmental Impact of Dyke.. by Cong Huu
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Ready NOVA CDC North Dakota University Wikipedia Deadliest Floods
USGA CERO Wikipedia Weather Service Predictions Off Global Floods
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