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Other Sports
Many little know sports are available to athletes. They may not have all the hype and glory of sports like football, baseball or basketball but they do require training, skills and endurance.
Physical Education
Physical Education
General Sports Sites
Wikipedia NIRSA Wikipedia Sports
InfoSports Britannica KidsSports Network General Information
Hiking ABC-of-Hiking Links to Hiking Sites Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness.
Canoeing/Kayaking/White Watering
Canoe Links Kayaking Today Kayahoo Paddle Links Canoeing and Kayaking
Cricket Wikipedia WebRing Cricket Blog  
Fencing Wikipedia Sword Play  Fencing FAQ Fencing Online Interesting Fencing
Fencing all over the World
Rugby eHow WikiHow Rugby Sidestep Central
Table Tennis (Ping Pong) PongWorld All About Table Tennis
Ping Skills Table Tennis Links Thousands of  Links Mega Spin
Skating US Figure Skating Skills Olympic Figure Skating Links
General Skating Ice Skating Links & Figure Skating Links
Scholarly Articles Hiking Cricket Rugby Ping Pong Skating Fencing Water Sports