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PetaPixel: A Secret Rule of Photo Composition: The Middle Line
Photography The Beginner Tips to Improve Your Photography 
PetaPixel The Art vs. The Craft of Photography 
Digital Photography Helping You Take Photographs 
Digital Photography School Best Beginner Photography Articles 2017 
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Media Production
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YouTube Photography Tips and Tricks
Photographer's Paradox
A Secret Rule of Photo Composition: The Middle Line
Bing KelbyOne Photography Tips and Advice
YouTube KelbyOne Photography Tips and Advice
5 Beginner Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Yahoo Tips and Advice
Stop taking the same boring photos! Shooting & thinking differently
Here Are Seven Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make
Is the Whole Photography Industry About to Change?
A Beginner's Guide to Long Exposure Photography: When and How to Do It
How the Position of Light Changes Your Photographs
Watch: Pro Photographer’s Simple Trick To Instantly Look Slimmer In Photos
Big Red: A Short Film About Tintype Photographer Steven Glynn
Leica Pro Reveals How to Capture Fantastic Live Concert Photos
How a Little Creativity and Improvisation Led to This Unique Photo Backdrop
Five Signs Your Photography Skills Are Progressing
The Photographer's Paradox
Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge: The Importance of Subject Interaction
5 Tips to Improve Your Golden Hours Photos
Five Lighting Patterns That Every Photographer Should Know
Five Photographers Give Advice on Making Top-Notch Images
Fstoppers Ten Easy Tips for Dog Photography
Five Tips for Taking Sharper Photos
Create Better Images by Mastering the Exposure Triangle
How Composition Can Make or Break a Photo
The Power of Every Day in Photography and Beyond
These Are 12 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make & Here's How to Fix Them
Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?
Becoming a Better Photographer Takes Time and Commitment
Why Some Photo Shoots Flop: Pierre Lambert on How He “Failed as a Photographer”

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Photographic Articles And Advice
Online ArticlesWe have searched the internet and found some articles that will help you better understand your equipment, your techniques and your future in the world of photography.
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Careers Equipment Portrait Travel Restoration
Photo Journalism Wedding Photography Cell Phone Questions
Landscape Photojournalism Wedding Cell Phone FAQ
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PDNonline Kelby-Videos PhotographyMad Photography Talk
Smashing PetaPixal   Digital Photography  National Geographic  
FStoppers TechRadar   Popular Photography Improve Photography
Lifehack  Scholarly Articles Digital Camera World Digital Photo.. World
General Tips and Advice
FStoppers Why Photography Matters to Us 
Digital Photography School 3 Simple Photography Tips for Parents - How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids 
Digital Photography School 10 Tips for Photographing Moms and Their Kids 
Shutterbug Sports Photography as Art: Eric Bakke’s Tips on Capturing Striking Images of Athletes 
Imaging Resource News 6 professional photographers offer their tips for creating compelling compositions 
DIY How to use Instagram to improve your photography 
Digital Photography School Uncomfortable Truths About Photography 
Digital Photography School How to Capture the Feeling of Color and Create More Compelling Images 
Digital Photography School Most Popular Post-Processing Articles of 2017 
DIY Animate still photography in Photoshop with Artymate, first impressions adding animation to your images 
DIY Photography All food photography tips you can get in only three minutes 
CBC News Frozen bubble photography in your own backyard 
PetaPixel 5 Tips for Photographing in Harsh Mid Day Lighting 
Digital Photography School How to Take the Pain Out and Put Personality Into Assembly-Line Photos 
Fstoppers Eight Questions to Help You Define Your Brand in Photography
Digital Photography School Beginner Photography Mistakes to Avoid
DIY Photography Use your personality to stand out amongst the sea of photographers
Fstoppers How to Learn to See Like a Camera
Digital Photography School 6 Mistake to Avoid When You're Starting Out in Photography
Imaging Resource News 9 tips for amazing photographs from National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes
Digital Photography School 8 Tips for Rocking the Photography Equipment You Currently own Versus Buying New Gear
Digital Photography School Weekly Photography Challenge - Black Background
PetaPixel TEDx Talk: Two Views in Documentary Photography
Shutterbug Photo Basics: Here’s How Shutter Speed, Aperture, & ISO Interact to Create a Perfect Exposure
Fstoppers To Be a Better Photographer, It's Sometimes Best to Not Take a Picture
PetaPixel  The Creative Process of Photography: A Case Study
DIY Photography 10 tips to create better animal photos for rescue
Digital Photography School 9 Water Photography Ideas to Make a Splash
DIY Photography How to photograph glass perfume bottles with one light for compositing
Fstoppers The Ultimate Tutorial on Product Photography
Digital Photography School Super Simple Introduction to Manual Mode and how it Will Transform Your Photos
Shutterbug Photo Basics: Understanding ISO and How to Use It for Shooting Better Photographs

Film Photography is Still Alive

Shutterbug Photo Basics: Here’s How to Master Your Camera’s Aperture Priority Exposure Mode
Signature Snapping Into Focus: Photography As Mindful Practice
The Phoblographer 5 Quick Tips for Easier and Better Street Photography
Digital Photography School How to Show More with Your Photographs by Thinking Outside the Frame
Digital Photography School How to Turn Your Photo into a Cartoon Drawing Using Photoshop
Fstoppers Product Photography for Beginners Using Cheap Household Items
Snazzy Little Things Photography Tips (from a non-photographer)
Digital Photography School How to Make Brilliant Black and White Photos with Dramatic Composition
Digital Photography School How to Refresh Your Creativity by Shooting Digital with a Film Mindset
Digital Photography School My First Time Shooting Infrared Photography
Digital Photography School How to Know if Your Photo is Good or Not - The Art of Self Image Critique
Digital Photography School 7 Ideas for Rainy Day Photographic Activities at Home
Digital Photography School Tips for How to Enhance the Mood in Your Foggy Photos
Digital Photography School Tips for Creative Plant Photography
Fstoppers Two Ways to Improve Your Photography Without a Camera
Digital Photography School Five Ways to Take Your Macro Photography to the Next Level
Shutterbug Better Photos Are Only 3 Minutes Away with These 3 Simple Tips for Framing & Exposure
Shutterbug Here’s How to Go from Auto to Manual Photography in Just 3 Minutes
The Phoblographer Every Beginner Could Use These Photography Tips
Fstoppers Seven Ways to Use Composition to Separate Yourself From the Crowd
Fstoppers What It Takes to Create an Award-Winning Photograph
Bob Books 20 Essential Tips for Beginning Photographers
Fstoppers Seven Ways to Use Composition to Separate Yourself From the Crowd
PetaPixel How to Take Underwater Photos
Fstoppers How to Find the Right Lighting for Your Photography
Shutterbug Photo Basics: 7 Ways You Are Using Your Camera WRONG!
Fstoppers Improve Your Street Photography With These 10 Tips
Fstoppers Food Photography on a Budget: $20 Work Light Vs. $900 Strobe
Fstoppers Tips for Better Photo Editing Consistency
PetaPixel The Opposite Photography Challenge: Shoot Outside Your Comfort Zone
The Phoblographer The Secret to Using Color to Make Your Images Look Sharper
Fstoppers How to Actually Improve Your Photography
Fstoppers  Three Easy Hacks to Help Make Your Still Life Photography Stand Out
The Phoblographer It’s The Little Things That Matter Most: An Intro to Shooting Macro Images
PetaPixel: Teaching Photographic Style
Fstoppers: Three Veteran Photographers Discuss What the Term 'Street Photography' Means to Them
Fstoppers: How to Fix Five of the Most Common Mistakes Amateur Photographers Make
The Phoblographer: Photographers: It’s Time To Admit that APS-C Isn’t So Bad
A Beginner's Guide to ISO: What It Is and and How to Use It in Your Photography Work
Fstoppers Five Ways to Make Your Aperture Work for You
PetaPixel: How I Got Better at Photography
Fstoppers: Is the Photography World Really About to Change Completely?
PetaPixel: What is Missing from Photography
Shutterbug: Get Personal: Why Every Photographer Should Start a Personal Photo Project Now
PetaPixel: 7 Actionable Steps to Capturing Photos That Grab Attention
Fstoppers: Just How Useless Is Exposure Compensation?
The Phoblographer: Opinion: Every Photographer Should Spend a Year Shooting Film and Not Editing Their Photos
Fstoppers: To Be a Photographer Is to Live!
Fstoppers: The Birth of Photography: When Amateurs Led the Field
Fstoppers: Use Long Exposures to Make the Most of Bad Light
The Phoblographer: Digital to Film: The Best Cameras for Starting Your Journey in the World of Film Photography
Steve Huff Photo: People are Strange. The interesting world of Digital Photography. – Steve Huff Photo
Fstoppers: Who Are You And What's Your Photography Origin Story?
Fstoppers: Print Vs Digital Photography Portfolios Which is Right For You?
Fstoppers: The Orton Effect Mistake Many Photographers Make
Photography advice based on captured image attributes and camera settings
Digital still camera with composition advising function, and method of controlling operation of same
Rendering synthetic objects into real scenes: Bridging traditional and image-based graphics with global illumination and high dynamic range photography
Photography method that protects against photographer error
Fstoppers: One of the Most Important But Overlooked Skills for Beginning Photographers and Videographers
Fstoppers: Easy to Understand and Practice Macro Photography Tips
Scuba Diving: 10 Tips for Winning Photo Contests
Fstoppers: How and Why You Should Print Your Photos
PetaPixel: It's the Exposure Quadrangle, Not Triangle

Shutterbug5 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Always Make and How to Fix Them, According to Jessica Kobeissi

Fstoppers: A Better Approach to Ask for Critiques and Improve your Photography
Fstoppers: Nine Tips to Improve Your Black and White Photography
Creative Blog: How to use reference images: 8 essential artists' tips
Fstoppers: Photoshop Not Required: How an Artist Creates His Photographs in Camera
PetaPixel: Taking Macro Photography into 3D
Fstoppers: Elevate Your Macro Photography With These Great Tips
Fstoppers: The Difference Between Photographers, Artists, and Instagrammers
Fstoppers: 'Photography Is Art' – Do You Even Know What Art Is?
PetaPixel: Shoot In-Camera Zoom-Effect Double-Exposure Light-Painting Photos
PetaPixel: This Photographer Turned a Room Into a Photo You Can Step Inside
Fstoppers: Five Steps to Photography Greatness
Fstoppers: A Few Tips to Make Your Photos Stand Out Among the Fstoppers Community
The Phoblographer: Inside the Photographer's Mind: Lois Greenfield
Fstoppers: 12 Photo Challenges to Push Your Creative Boundaries
Digital Photography School: How to Photograph Kids Playing, Running Around and Generally Being Kid
500px Blog: Expert tips to help you take the perfect dog photo
UltraLinx: Photographer Shares A Simple Trick That Will Make Your Photos 10x Better
Fstoppers: Here Are Seven Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make
Fstoppers: Myths of a Successful Photographer
My Modern Met: Professional Photographer Reveals the Patience Needed to Take the Perfect Photo
The Photographer as Historian
Bored as a Photographer? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Inspired to Start Shooting Great Photos Again
The Key to Personal Growth as a Photographer
How To Develop Your Photographic Voice
Celebrating Soldier Photographers: The Amateur Origins of Combat Photography
A Photographer Challenges Myths About Class and Poverty in America
TIME: A Photographer Challenges Myths About Class and Poverty in America
The Phoblographer: Five Lessons I've Learned Through Film Photography
Fstoppers: How Critiquing the Photography of Others Improves Your Own
Fstoppers: Put Down Your Camera and Improve Your Photography
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